“You are a masterpiece of beauty and strength”
– Joí Iman

The Experience...

2013 was the year that my life changed and would no longer be the same. I received the exciting news that I was going to be a mother of an amazing daughter who would be named Noa.

I remember my pregnancy well. While understandably, remembering the pains and discomfort associated with pregnancy, I also have the pleasure of recalling the flutters felt for the first time as she nestled comfortably in my womb as well as the stages of growth for myself and my daughter during those nine months. Conversely, I am able to recall my feelings associated with having to come to terms that not only was my unborn child the focus for me as her mother, but she was also the focus of others leaving me as an afterthought during this exciting yet challenging time of my life.

The Reality...

I am a firm believer that you will always receive what you need in perfect timing as well as lessons learned during the process.  I remember how one person made me feel by simply taking the time to consider and pour into me as I prepared to embark upon a new journey, Motherhood. This one woman’s act of selflessness and kindness made me feel valued, loved, celebrated, and beautiful which meant the world to me considering that my clothing size had now increased by two sizes, feet were swollen, and I was experiencing fairly consistent pain for the sake of this beautiful new life.


Pregnancy brings a new meaning to the concept of beauty. It is a period of immense joy coupled with excitement. The feeling of carrying a little soul within you is magnificent. Joí Iman does not want any woman who is embarking upon a new journey of motherhood to feel insignificant or less than beautiful. Since I cannot be there to celebrate you, I created this box – just for YOU with love to brighten your day along the way. It is my pleasure and honor to celebrate YOU – A MASTERPIECE OF BEAUTY AND STRENGTH!


Beauty & Tranquility Box

Hospital Bag
Chic Robe
Bluetooth Speaker
2 Liter Water Bottle
5 Piece Toiletries Travel Kit
Handheld  Vibrating Massager
The Miracle Ball Method for Pregnancy

Box will include several other personal grooming, health, and beauty items.

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